Jun大神的1.02b,1.03a2 Loader引导对网卡支持非常有限,这是因为他直接用原汁原味的DSM驱动。国外有个叫做G-88的大神为此专门制作了Jun's引导的驱动扩展包,这真的是非常振奋人心的消息!


Driver extension jun 1.03a2/DSM6.2.x for DS918+

This version is alpha, as the loader 1.03a2 is, so DO NOT use this on a "production" systems and be prepared to loose the data you have on the "test-system" (I recommend you have a very recent backup)

:!:!!!all sata_ and pata_ drivers are still not working because of the kernel source changes Synology did (same as in kernel 3.10.102 used and modded by Synology), as long as no one writes a patch for this I can use to fix this, it will stay this way !!!:!:

HP SmartArray Controller driver (hpsa.ko) is back in for testing (for now the one that comes with kernel 4.4.59), my P400 i had access to was to old for this driver

so please try to test, newer controller even seem to have a IT mode so if present try it with this mode

To check if the hardware is supported with a driver, use a running DSM installation or boot a live Ubuntu from usb. In console type the following:

lspci -k | grep 'Kernel driver'
That command will list the used kernel modules for the hardware. Modules for network and storage will be listed. Compare that with the list of modules that comes with the extra.lzma ramdisks provided below.

extra.lzma for DS918+ v0.2 (still online for testing against new 0.4)

extra.lzma for DS918+ v0.3

extra.lzma for DS918+ v0.4

extra.lzma for DS918+ v0.5_test

Note: the driver list below with related hardware is based on Trantor/Quicknick's older list for 5.2 and 6.0 so thanks goes to them and all others who helped to build the older list for 5.2 and 6.0.


(…) Not compiled for now, ask for it

[…] Either confirmed by users that it is not working OR not supported for DSM 6.2 (kernel 4.4.59) OR does not load at all. Driver was compiled/tested but removed - if someone finds a way to get it working in some way, tell us here and it will be added 


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