Revolectrix GT1200 Charger
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Revolectrix GT1200 Charger


Revolectrix GT1200, Multi-Chemistry, 1200W Charger

Part Number: LCGT1200-EC5-MC

GT1200 Charger

Welcome to GT1200, the first high-power offering in the amazing NEW GT SERIES of R/C Battery Chargers from Revolectrix. Built on time-proven, reliable PowerLab hardware, this new 1200W, 1s-8s Charger provides a fresh approach to a more traditional user interface than the PowerLab series at an affordable price. Simplicity is the core thrust of the new user interface, boasting a larger, backlit dot-matrix LCD, allowing access to virtually every relevant parameter required to the routine charging, discharging, monitoring, and cycling of any battery chemistry available while at the same time providing easy-to-read feedback of key information during every operation; bigger screen, more information, easier to read. Adding to the intuitive feel, the new navigation wheel makes for quicker access to various menu options, and includes a SELECT/ENTER button. A separate BACK button rounds out the interface to allow the user to "back out" of menus and return to previous screens.

The Cellpro GT1200 Charger directly supports balance charge of any 1s-8s LiPo or LiHV battery pack equipped with a JST XH balance connector without the use of an adapter. It also directly supports the Revolectrix MPA and SPA Smart Parallel Adapters; the safest parallel charging solutions on the market. Look for the MPA Combo in the REVO webstores.

More on the GT SERIES Philosophy (TAKE IT ON THE ROAD):

GT SERIES is all about simplicity and productivity at the field. It is not intended to replace the top-tier PowerLab series, but rather to offer an even simpler approach to common charging scenarios, straight out the box. The user interface is intuitive and instantly familiar, regardless of what charger you are using now. The PowerLab series remains the flagship of the Revolectrix product line; preset-driven with fully-customizable, "open architecture" presets, as well as graphing and data logging. When coupled with the PC Charge Control Software (CCS) the full potential of the Powerlab series can be unleased. In contrast, GT1200 series focus is ease of use as well as preset customization without the need for a PC. However, as with all Revolectrix charging products, the GT series does continue the long-standing ability to effortlessly and reliably update the firmware in the charger. With embedded USB support, connecting to a PC for this purpose has never been easier!

This is not to say that the GT SERIES does not support presets. It does, but in a different, seamless way. The unit comes equipped with basic presets for all battery chemistries currently available as well as 28 EMPTY user preset positions. During the course of operation, any changes that are made at the charger may be named and saved down ("SAVE AS") or saved over ("SAVE") to the user presets bank. The process is analogous to opening a document in a PC application, making changes, and then using the "Save" or "Save As" menu options from the PC application to store the unique setup parameters chosen during the course of using the charger for its intended purpose; charging and managing your batteries. Best of all, everything happens at the charger, which makes it ideal for taking it on the road.




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